Ann Arbor Halloween Candy Buy Back & Pumpkin Disposal Programs

2022 Ann Arbor Halloween Candy Buy Back & Pumpkin Disposal Options

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Wondering what to do with your excess Halloween Candy and Jack o Lanterns now that Halloween is over? Check out our list of Halloween Candy Buy Back programs and a few options to get rid of your pumpkins that are more fun that putting them in the garbage or compost can.

I also always wonder about what to do with my pumpkins. I usually end up waiting until they get moldy and dumping them in my yard waste bin. But we have found a few other options for pumpkin disposal.

New to the article this year is candy wrapper recycling!


2022 Ann Arbor Candy Buy Back Programs

Let the kids enjoy the candy for a day or two. Then, trim your stash at one of the Ann Arbor Halloween Candy Buy Back Programs. We are in the process of updating this list for 2022. Check back after Halloween for the complete 2022 list – some don’t get announced until late on Halloween or even the first week of November.

As always, if you know of any that I missed, please let me know.

Saline Orthodontics

Check out what’s coming next week! Your traded candy will be donated to our troops 🇺🇸

Posted by Saline Orthodontics on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Saline Orthodontics will be buying back candy on November 2-4. Stop by from 3-5p. They buy back at $1/lb and send the candy to troops.

Beacon Dental

Beacon Dental in Dexter (7200 Dan Hoey Rd, Suite D) is offering candy buy back.

Our candy buy back is here again! 🍭 Bring your unopened Halloween candy by our office and you will receive $1/per pound…

Posted by Beacon Dental on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

They will pay $1/pound up to 5 pounds. They donate the candy along with toothbrushes to US troops overseas via Operation Gratitude. They are accepting candy 10a-7p on November 1st & 7th, 9a-4p November 2nd, 9a-1p November 3, and finally 9a-5p on November 4th, and 9a-6p November 8.

Candy Wrapper Disposal

Halloween creates lots of candy wrapper waste and most packaging can’t go in your recycle bin. Leslie Science & Nature Center and Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum are participating in Trick or Trash to recycle candy wrappers.

Ann Arbor Trick or Trash - Photo of Hallwoeen candy in pumpkin containers and trick or trash box

Pumpkin Disposal Options

Are you wondering what to do with your pumpkins? We never carved ours, so we will probably leave it out through Thanksgiving. But, carved pumpkins have a short life.

Great Pumpkin Roll

Each year Saline Parks & Rec holds the Great Pumpkin Roll and Mill Pond Park. The 2022 event is on Saturday, November 5. See how your pumpkin rolls versus the competition.


Animal Donation

Did you know animals love pumpkins?

Local Mom Lindsay Duke shared that her family owns a farm near Domino Farms and they will gladly take pumpkins and gourds as long as they are not painted, glittered, moldy, or bleached). You can simply drop off or arrange to visit the animals as well (and maybe feed them your pumpkins). Message her on Facebook or text her at 248-310-7432 to get the address and make arrangements.

Do you know of other farms or similar who appreciate pumpkin donations? I’ve looked for a few others without success.

Candy Donation Options

In addition to the Candy Buy Backs, there are options to donate your candy. The locations we had for 2021 have not yet updated for 2022 and we will check back. However, you can also consider donating to schools and community organizations.

Michigan Foster Care Closet Ann Arbor

Michigan Foster Care Closet Ann Arbor typically accepts donations of leftover Halloween candy. They are located at 251 Jackson Plaza Dr. This is their 2021 announcement. We will check back for 2022 details.

Dexter American Legion

Dexter American Legion Post 557 (8225 Dexter Chelsea Rd, Dexter) took donations for Treats for Troops in 2021. We will check back for 2022 details.

Leftover/Unwanted Halloween CandyTuesday Nov 2 to Thursday November 4 , 7:00 PM onlyBring it the Post and we will deliever it to Soilders Angels, who will ship it overseas.

Posted by Dexter American Legion Post 557 on Sunday, October 31, 2021


How to RePurpose Halloween Candy

So now that you have all this extra candy, what can you do with it?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If the giant bowl is suddenly empty, the kids are sure to notice. But, you can take a handful out a day and hide it away. Then you can spread out usage of it.

Baking Ingredients

Save that Halloween Candy for baking! Thanksgiving desserts, Christmas Cookies, and more. I love M&M cookies. Chopped up Reese’s PB Cups also work great for cookies, cheesecake, or brownies.

Gingerbread Houses

There are usually a few local opportunities to make gingerbread houses in November & December. With social distancing, I doubt that will happen. Plan to make your own at home. Buy a kit for the house (or bake if you’re more ambitious than me), and use Halloween candy for decorations. M&M’s, Reeses Cups, Hershey Bars, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Smarties, and Tootsie Rolls are some great candy to save for your gingerbread houses.


Save that candy and dole it out as a reward. I know we’ve donated candy to classrooms or after school activities in the past. You can ask your child’s school but they may not be handing out food rewards this year.


Don’t buy candy for Christmas stockings, Easter Baskets, or other events. Simply add the leftover Halloween candy. Pro tip for this one: Sort through the candy and use any with Halloween distinct packaging for baking or gingerbread houses that require opening the package first.


2021 Buy Back Locations

Dexter Pediatric Dentistry

Dexter Pediatric Dentistry (7015 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd, Dexter) is collecting candy for Operation Gratitude to send to overseas troops.

Got candy?? 🍭 Bring your extra Halloween candy to us on Saturday, November 6th from 9am to noon! For every pound of…

Posted by Dexter Pediatric Dentistry on Monday, November 1, 2021

They will be collecting the candy on Saturday, November 6 from 9a-noon. You’ll get $1/lb with a limit of 5 pounds per family.

Brightside Dental

Brightside Dental’s locations are a bit further from Ann Arbor, but they are offering candy buy back through Monday, November 8 which gives kids a little longer to enjoy their candy before parting with some of it.

Stop into any Bright Side Dental office between November 1-8, 2021, with a parent or guardian, to donate any extra…

Posted by Bright Side Dental on Friday, October 15, 2021

Brightside Dental is giving out raffle tickets in exchange for the candy. Their nearest office is in Canton – 6460 N. Canton Center Rd. They also have other metro Detroit locations.

Where to Get the Candy?

Of course before you can participate in a Candy Buy Back program, you need to gather the candy.

I definitely recommend the Halloween Treat Parade in Downtown Ann Arbor. Kids can go trick or treating to businesses throughout the Main Street Corridor.

Ann Arbor Halloween Events - Main Street Treat Parade

Did you know that most local cities and towns have designated trick or treat hours? They’re all relatively normal evening of Halloween hours.

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Times

There are also plenty of other Halloween events where kids can gather candy. Check out our list of Trick or Treat Events:

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Events

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