Ann Arbor Art Fair and Townie Street Party

There seems to be one guarantee every July when the Ann Arbor Art Fair rolls around…hot temperatures. Last year was no different…I should have paid more attention to which camp I registered my daughter for during Art Fair as she was in Star Wars camp at Forsythe most of which is not air conditioned. (Conversely she was enrolled in a water themed Girl Scout Day camp a week in August that didn’t hit 75.)

The 2014 Ann Arbor Art Fair will be held July 16-19. There are four Art Fairs held that week, with the main one being the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original with booths on E. Washington, North University and the Rackham mall. There is also the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair in the Main Street Area, the Ann Arbor State Street Area Art Fair, and South University Art Fair.

We often enjoy the Main Street Art Fair as it tends to be more reasonably priced and several Main Street restaurants have food stands.

For the first tim last year, my daughter and I attended the Townie Street Party the Monday night before Art Fair starts. This year’s Townie Street Party will be on Monday, July 14 from 5-9:30p. The Townie Street Party is definitely geared towards families with fun arts, crafts, and demonstrations and the Kids Art Fair, a juried show of art from local 3-8th graders. My daughter and I had a great time at the Townie Street Party last year and are planning to attend again this year. There is live music and food available for purchase at the Townie Street Party. Last year we were planning to have dinner there, but with it threatening to storm at any minute we decided to do the activities first and then eat. By the time we were done with the activities, the skies were really dark, so we decided to eat on our way home. We made it to our car a couple minutes before the downpour.

My all time favorite Art Fair memory was my 2.5 year old daughter telling us “I’m ready to go to the fair now” as we were leaving after having explored the entire Summer Art Fair and having dinner. After having visited a few fairs/carnivals in the area she was expecting rides.


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