Ann Arbor Public Schools 2021-2022 Plans

AAPS 2021-2022 School Year Plans

Ann Arbor Public Schools has announced their plans for the 2021-2022 school year. Next year will look more like the 2019-2020 school year than the 2020-2021 school year, with a few modifications


The district will be offering 5 full days of school to all students in 2021-2022. Virtual options will continue to be available for families choosing that option.

School will start on August 30, 2021 and end on June 10, 2022. There will be a 4 day weekend for Labor Day.

Do not plan on School Aged Child Care being offered in 2021-2022. COVID restrictions, large group settings, and staffing challenges are the key issues. It will be re-evaluated to see if it will be feasible.

AAPS Early Education, Preschool, & Y5 Plans for 2021-2022

Preschool will be offered in-person only. Westerman Preschool and all preschool classrooms will be operating at full capacity. They will also offer Young 5s at all elementary schools (this includes Ann Arbor Open offering Y5 for the first time.

Other preschool and early education programs will be offered in person. This includes First Steps, Great Start Readiness, Head Start, and Blended Classrooms.


AAPS Elementary School Plans for 2021-2022

AAPS expects most parents to select in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year. They will offer a choice of two virtual options.

  • In person -in school 5 days/week in neighborhood schools
  • A2 Online school – K-5 live synchronous online instruction 5 days/week
  • A2Virtual Elementary (A2VE) – K-5 asynchronous at student pace with AAPS teachers support weekly

The two online options will not be tied to a specific elementary school, but will operate as their own school.

In response to trustee questions at the May 12 board meeting, Dr Swift said they are hoping to have at least 12 students at each grade level for A2 Online. She did say the may need to re-evaluate the offering of live synchronous classes if only 1-2 students register at a grade level.

School Aged Child Care

School Aged Child Care is not feasible the way it has operated in previous years. It uses a large group model which is not advisable with COVID. School aged child care will be redesigned to align with the AAPS equity and Rec & Ed mission.

On May 19 the district provided additional information about the challenges offering school aged child care. The AAPS program is based on large groups of students which may not meet COVID guidelines. AAPS offers care for all children including those with special needs. The program is self-supporting with program fees and receives no financial support from the state or federal government. For the last several years, they have had difficulty hiring child care workers. They expect staffing to be more challenging this year.

The district will proceed with trying to hire and monitoring COVID protocols to see if they could offer child care. However, they are advising families to make other plans.

Hopefully with this much notice other providers will be able to step up and provide child care options.


AAPS Middle & High School Plans for 2021-2022

As with elementary school, AAPS expects most middle and high school students to attend full time in person. With the COVID-19 vaccine approved for ages 12-15, a lot of the challenges of this year will be decreased.

They will offer full day, 5 days a week in person school this fall at all 5 high schools. A2Virtual Middle School and A2Virtual High School will offer asynchronous online learning as they have in the past. Students can use A2Virtual for either full time classes or supplemental classes.

They are planning a survey to see if there is sufficient interest in a synchronous online option at middle and high school.

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

The 2021-2022 School Calendar has not been fully released. The start date (Monday, August 30), end date (Friday, June 10), and major breaks have been officially announced. My daughter’s high school principle also gave us a few other days off. Check out our preview of the full calendar below.

2021-2022 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar


2021-2022 Bell Schedule

The Bell Schedule for 2021-2022 will be announced with the school year calendar. At the Board of Education meeting on May 12, the district indicated they did not expect significant changes from 2019-2020. (Note, my daughter attended a K-8 and I don’t think we had back to back years of identical schedule for her 9 years. Shifts were usually only a couple of minutes to start or end times or at most 15 minutes).


There are three types of enrollment in AAPS – Neighborhood School, In-District Transfer, and School of Choice. Neighborhood School is attending the school that your residence is zoned for. In-District Transfer (IDT) is a student who lives within the bounds of AAPS, but attends a school other than their home school. School of Choice is someone who lives outside of AAPS, but chooses to attend via School of Choice (SOC). Both IDT and SOC require enrolling during an open enrollment window. They are subject to space availability and there may be a lottery if there are more applicants than spaces at a certain school/grade in that window. There are typically multiple IDT and SOC windows.

Neighborhood School

Do you know which is your neighborhood school? This street by street directory will help you look it up.

To enroll a new K-12 student, you can enroll here.

In-District Transfer

In-District transfer allows an AAPS student to attend a different AAPS school than their neighborhood school. Once a student has started at a school, you do not need to reapply for the next year.

Currently, Ann Arbor Open (K-8) and Community High School use a different process for In-District Transfer. Neither school is a neighborhood school and applications typically outnumber available slots for kindergarten and 9th grade. These schools use a lottery system for entry and a waitlist for other grades. The lotteries are usually open in February or March. My daughter entered the lottery for both schools and attended AA Open for K-8 and was offered admission to Community. If you have questions, I can try to answer.

In-District transfer to other schools is typically easier. The district will post a list of available school/grades before the window opens. My daughter did an in-district transfer for high school.

If you want to do in-district transfer, it is best to apply as soon as possible. The first In-District Transfer window is typically in February or March (in 2020 we received a response before schools closed on March 13). The next In-District Transfer Window is June 10-30.

Transportation is not typically available for in-district transfer students.

School of Choice

School of Choice works similar to In-District Transfer, but usually has different application windows. School of choice students are not eligible for the Ann Arbor Open or Community High School lotteries.

The next School of School of Choice window for 2021-2022 is June 10-30.

School of Choice is open to residents of Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, Monroe, Ingham, Livingston, and Lenawee & Jackson Counties.

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